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Watercolour Painting Holidays - Portugal,

Tuition, Courses, Classes and Workshops with Andrew Hodgson
in one of the most unspoilt corners of Europe.

Painting Europe

Estoraos: One of the countless pretty nearby villages here in North Portugal.

This website has been created to showcase my work as:

watercolour painting plein air

Free online tuition is available here in the  “THE FINE ART OF PAINTING” section of the website

where you will find all the information and some of the best videos  on the internet from some of the best tutors to help take you to the next level.

“Take the glossily varnished handle of your finely pointed sable brush and work it’s wet silken delicate tip into the creamy bright pigments of your palette…

… apply to the crisp white surface of your paper and watch the dance begin….”

Mr Bead

…..It is easy to become passionate about the beautiful medium of watercolour.

There is nothing quite like it for it’s amazing qualities of

looseness, it’s glorious colour, luminosity and granulation.

 Not to mention its simplicity and portability.

Watercolour Painting has a mystical and ethereal quality about it, it is elusive and a continuing challenge to tame.

Therefore if you are a budding artist and want to know how to paint with watercolours,

why not:

pick up your pallet,

roll up your brushes

and …


join me in Portugal for the watercolour painting holiday of a lifetime in one of Europe’s most stunningly beautiful areas;

Come and have one-on-one tuition or bring a friend or two,

available all year round in the luscious green valley of the

Rio Lima in Northern Portugal’s Alto Minho region.

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