Lima Valley Services Recommendations

Lima Valley Services Recommendations: This page has been created to promote local business services for the Pluno people of Ponte de Lima and surrounding area.

Beware: this page is for people who have been happy with a local service and in return would like to do that person a favour by promoting their services.

If you have a recommendation please write a paragraph to my email address on my contact page, with name , phone number and a description of what they did etc.

I will add it within a few days normally.

Regards Andrew

Extra Hands Needed?

Need a hand in the garden or the house? I am available monday, tuesday, thursday and friday. see my contact page for details.

extra hands

2 x Picture Framing companies in - Ponte de Lima

 I think its near casa
de pinheiro on the map , its a tiny shop that sells paint ‘Robilux’ i think

  or there’s
Molduras do lima, posher and dearer here

Bosch Car Service Centre Calçada & Costa-Reparação de Automóveis Lda (Arcozelo)

On the road to ponte de lima, great service!

258 942 394
4990-231 PONTE DE LIMA Antepaço

Accountants in Viana

IRV consultores Ida,

IR V-Consultores Lda. – Rua Manuel Espregueira a 139-145-1st floor Viana Cast, 4900-318 …

Lovely people and spoke english, extremely rapid email response.
Liliana Sofia Iglesias
número: 258822347. .. E-mail: Indústria:.

Builder -Small/Medium sized Projects

 I wanted to recommend a builder to you
all, he is reliable and punctual, his name is

mobile (Ib has his number)

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