Lima Valley Services Recommendations

This page has been created to promote local business services for the Pluno people of Ponte de Lima and surrounding area.

Beware: this page is not to be read by grumpy people who may not necesarily get the same great service and who will find something to complain about, it is purely for people who have been happy with a local service and in return would like to do that person a favour by promoting their services.

If you have a recommendation please write a paragraph to my email address on my contact page, with name , phone number and a description of what they did etc.

I will add it within a few days normally.

Regards Andrew

Picture Framing in - Ponte de Lima

 I think its near casa
de pinheiro on the map , its a tiny shop that sells paint ‘Robilux’ i think

  or there’s
Molduras do lima, posher and dearer here

Bosch Car Service Centre Calçada & Costa-Reparação de Automóveis Lda (Arcozelo)

On the road to ponte de lima, great service!

258 942 394
4990-231 PONTE DE LIMA Antepaço

Accountants in Viana

IRV consultores Ida,

IR V-Consultores Lda. – Rua Manuel Espregueira a 139-145-1st floor Viana Cast, 4900-318 …

Lovely people and spoke english, extremely rapid email response.
Liliana Sofia Iglesias
número: 258822347. .. E-mail: Indústria:.

Builder -Small/Medium sized Projects

 I wanted to recommend a builder to you
all, he is reliable and punctual and speaks English, his name is

email [email protected]
mobile 935516444

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