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Nancy Boran - talks beautifully abaout the art of painting

Composition tip – paint every corner of the painting differently and you will probably have an interesting painting.

June 15th  2020

I discovered these titbits this morning !


Brenda Swenson. “It’s a dance between you, the paint and the surface moisture on the paper, stepping into or pulling back. Watercolor requires you to stay awake and respond to what’s happening on the surface. Never turn your back while the paper is wet. I once heard someone say, ”Oil is like a dog, it wants to obey. Watercolor is like a cat, it does as it pleases”. I couldn’t agree more!


Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation.’
Henri Cartier-Bresson



The painting on the right shows a stunning example of negative painting.

There’s More to Drawing Than Meets The Eye
by Jarvis Brookfield

those who think they aren’t creative or believe they can’t draw, sadly, often avoid it. The truth, however, is that drawing is awaiting anyone who can make a mark on a surface

“Think like a turtle, paint like a rabbit.” ~Sergei Bongart


Drawing is the artist’s most direct and spontaneous expression, a species of writing: it reveals, better than does painting, his or her true personality.’
Edgar Degas

brenda swenson

Thomas Schaller - Brilliant Video

Thomas has a fantastic style of painting-This is a ‘FREE’ plug/taster for his video ‘The Power Of Design’ in this video he gives an insight into many aspects of watercolour painting, from composition to colour to materials. At around 52 mins he shows you his palette of colours which he dascribes as sediment based pigments as opposed to staining.

eric rhodes

Plein Air Podcasts

Eric Rhode’s magazine Outdoor Painter is fantastic , and weekly releases podcasts with enthusiastic artists and marketing .

This Podcast is with Daniel Sprick he paints oils but its the same principles.

Brienne Brown

This is a great video from the ‘color your life’ series, Brienne talks and shows how to make an initial loose wash over the whole painting, leaving just the whites.

Ultra Marine Blue

What’s the difference between ultarmarine blue and french ultramarine blue?

(This is why Jackson’s is such a great retailer, great service, great products, great newsletters, make sure you are on their mailing list for their blogs.)


my watercolour blues

Nitin Singh's Tree

I am a big fan of Nitin’s work and speedy style, here’s a tree demo. click here

Indian Yellow

Jacksons Article by Artist Tonya Lee

Frank Eber

Frank Eber

Wondeful article from a brilliant artist, that appeared in American Watercolor

Artist Opportunities

from this article that apeared on Jacksons

charles reid


Charles Reid – passed away on the 1st of June, one of my top three favourite inspirational artists,  watercolour hero and tutour.

Keep Your Watercolors Fresh and Loose.

Nice interesting article,

Mick McAndrews explains how planning and experience make freedom possible.

loose watercolour
colour study article

Colour Studies

Nice short article on Colour Studies from AWW


Five Fail-Safe Tips for Painting Greens

By Catherine Hillis
American Watercolor Weekly

COLOUR fluid
heaven and earth

Joseph Zbukvik

Heaven & Earth – Joseph explains his technique. in – American Watercolor Weekly

Joseph Zbukvik

Joseph’s Podcast –

PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.
art tutor

Phil Davies -Art Tutor

Phil Davies at Art Tutor says:

” With absolute certainty,

  • No one is born with an amazing artistic ability.
  • Anyone can develop an amazing artistic ability.
  • Yes, it takes some practice.
  • But not years’ worth. Not hundred of hours either.
  •  The only reason so many amateur artists go round and round in circles, never seeing much improvement in their artwork, is because they are doing the same things again & again and expecting different results.”

JZ - 7 tips


joseph zbukvic
edgar degas

Joseph again!

Hi everybody, I had forgotten how tricky watercolour painting is until i tried teaching it, hang in there we are making good progress , you begin to see nice bits among the not so nice bits and they will become more and more regular as you learn to control the paint and water consistencies, below are the links to Joseph Zbukvicz demonstration in 3 parts, quite long but very well filmed, you will hear him say its a 50 year apprenticeship! a slight exageration but i get his point. Look forward to seeing you all wednesday.

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