Andrew Hodgson

"My Watercolour Journey...

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…….I have been a practising watercolour artist for over 30 years, ever since my sister gave me a copy of the ‘great’  John Blockley’s ‘Watercolour Interpretations’.

I was immediately transfixed by the beautiful abstract, translucent, luminescent washes, not to mention the sumptuous colour and the fascinating textures they could produce.

Won over by the speed, simplicity and portability of the medium, I packed my brushes and escaped over the factory wall.

I began my quest to learn the ‘secrets’ of watercolour painting and design.

Above all learning to paint has really opened my eyes wide to the natural beauty of the landscape around me, to every cloud, every shadow, every reflection, every stream, every hill.

I am still on that fascinating journey of discovery,

still enthralled

and still learning!

– Andrew Hodgson.

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plein air palpa
plein air peru
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