Drawing, Sketching and Illustration Tips and Techniques.

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In case you are wondering what the diference is …

The diference between art and illustration is that:

‘art is an idea brought to life, whereas an illustration is a depiction or explanation of an idea.’

Here you will find a video or two from some great tutors with tips in both drawing and illustration.

Cross Hatching

A  fascinating video by amazing master illustrator Dan Nelson, showing the beauty of cross-hatching.

Ross Draws - Episode 4

Illustration and concept art – using digital art on a huge drawing tablet (a Wacom Cintiq starts at $2,000) , but the same ideas can be used with any medium = amazing!

Jono Dry

Amazing what someone can do with a pencil.

Geometric Cube

My Video, showing howing to construct a geometric cube for the purposes of learning perspective drawing and studying light and shade.

Sketch Trees

Art Tutor’s Phil Davies shows how to simplify and draw trees.


Another excellent video from Art Tutor explaining the usefull technique of envoloping