Swatch Fun

Take a strip of good quality watercolour paper 300gsm if possible then there is no need to stretch it.

Top one Jasmine aged 7.5

watercolour caterpillar

Mine aged 49.9

Make Swatches

Take a large sable brush say a number 10 for example, make in your palette a puddle of creamy colour using just one ‘clean’ colour. Place a thumb size puddle on the paper and drag it across the page make sure it has enough liquid to float on the surface.

Then make a second puddle on your paletter then float this from the opposite end of the paper until they join in the middle, and leave it alone, do not fiddle! let the pigments mingle. Put it out of sight and leave to dry.

Add Characteristics.

Add legs arms, wings, stripes etc etc , then either laminate or do as my clever daughter suggested spray with a touch of perfume, hey presto! a book mark!