Simplifying the process

Richard Stephens shares is thoughts on how keeping to a simple process leads to success.

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Christmas Present Commissions

Looking for the perfect christmas gift, have a look through my website watercolour painting gallery most paintings there are for sale or commission a painting from your own photographs -…

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101 tips

Just seen this in my inbox 101 tips from with tips from a whole bunch of their favourite artists. Watercolor-Painting-Tips-2020-11-23.pdf (

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Joseph Zbukvic new demo

Joseph was recently a guest on Plein Air Magazine and gave this fantastic tour of his studio and a equally fantastic demonstration of 3 paintings in one in about 20…

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Book Illustrations in Watercolour

Are you looking for an Illustration for a book cover in watercolour, contact me Andrew Hodgson and we can work together to produce a stunning watercolour of your ideas.

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