The Fine Art of Watercolour Painting

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Free Online Watercolour Tips & Techniques

I have scoured the internet and collected for you the best videos, tips and techniques from some of the world's greatest teachers and master watercolour artists.

Providing you with everything you could ever want to know about painting, art and watercolour.

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Watercolour Painting Techniques:

For me there is something truly beautiful about mixing a sumptuously coloured soft pigment, turn up the music and

with a fine, water laden sleek brush gently float it across a sheet of pristine white, soft and delicate sheet of stretched watercolour paper, then watch the pigments take on a life of their own.

Learning to paint  takes  us on a journey of discovery with no final destination.

Like building a jigsaw we slowly pick up the pieces, collecting tips and techniques and revelations;

 from other artists and by observing the world around us.

We are constantly surrounded by examples of light and shade, colour, perspective and atmosphere.

Even when not painting we can be looking for inspiration, developing a greater understanding and as a result continue to grow as artists.

In this section of the website you will find examples of the insights and information I have absorbed along my journey.

Over the years I have gradually picked up the following
tips and pieces of information that have been vital to improving my painting skills.

Together we can determine any areas in which you would like to improve.

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