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Lima Valley Aquarela Workshop

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Enjoy Some 'You' Time

Lima Valley Aquarela – A chance for people living in this beautiful part of Portugal to get together, enjoy watercolour painting and make the most of this truly stunningly inspiring location.

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The Perfect Surrounding

We meet Wednesday mornings, around 10.00Am – 12.00am.

Drink a coffee, chat and paint – It’s easy when you know how.


  1. I am happy to lend equipment when I can however in the long term you will probably want to get your own, (before my runs out).

Here is a list of the basic bits and bobs, and where to find them, please let me know if you know other sources:

Beginners Paint/Pigment:
Euros 4.75 Ponte de Lima new big Chinese shop see pic.
  1. On the main cobbled street that runs east to west through town going from the new bridge to the post office, you pass ERA on your left, there is a nice little book/stationary shop, they have A3 Watercolour Pads 200gsm, which is little thin but only Euros 3.75, good for playing around.
  2. In the U.K. ebay 20 sheets A4 Bockingford 140lb/300gsm £9 inc delivery.
  3.  2 packs of 32 sheets of A4 Arteza, Amazon 300gsm for £17.99.
  4. PAPEL AQUARELA by Cervantes (see photo to the right) sold in Ponte de Lima’s  New Big Chinese shop has a4 paper in envelopes, 300gsm = Euros 2.75, DO NOT BUY THIS PAPER! it has no gelatin sizing and soaks up paper instantly like blotting paper

(p.s. if you dont want to stretch your paper you could try to get hold of 300/lb = 638gsm paper).


Jackson’s in the uk online, ebay or amazon,

The set on the right has a good selection: a Large, medium, a small and a rigger type brush, a fantastic set of Artix brushes in the China Shop in Viana Retail park for 4.75 Euros, (see picture).

An old toothbrush is usefull for spatter and even a tatty old 1/2″ house paint brush can be usefull for foliage.

Palette: Large or small folding plastic palette – I got mine on ebay £5.

Spray: Atomiser china shop 1 Euro.

Painting Board: a sheet of 9mm exterior Ply from AKI in Viana Retail Park for 15 E, this made three boards big enough for an A3 sheet of paper, they have 2 coats of varnish on one side and one on the back. I am happy to sell these for 10 Euros each.

should be at least  36cm x 48cm for A3.

Gatorboard is a popular lightweight material for stretching paper, Jacksons in uk £13.85 inc post to uk address.

Soft Putty Rubber: Brand Koh-I-Noor I really like this one (the pink one) I paid £2.69 on ebay inc post to Portugal.

Watercolour Sponge: they cost a couple of pounds on ebay etc. (or a corner of your bath sponge will do).

Kitchen Roll: a few sheets.

Salt: Table salt in a tiny pot.

If your paper is less than 300lb/638gsm then you will need to stretch it and will need brown gummed paper parcel tape (the kind you put in paper) not sure where you will find this, anyone know?  and/or a staple gun with 4mm staples.

I believe there are a couple of artist material shops in Viana, one is just down from the railway station.

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