The Illusion of depth

Atmospheric Perspective

I love this term ‘Atmospheric Perspective’ this was one of those moments when the ‘penny dropped’.

In Lanscape painting we are creating an illusion. We are not copying what we really see with our eyes, we take that vision and add atmospheric perspective.

Some hazy days look like this.

Between you and the horizon is air, sky colour, layers and layers of sky colour, this should be added to your painting.

atmospheric perspective 3
atmospheric perspective

Geoff Kersey I have to thank for this penny really dropping in his fantastic book ‘Perspective Depth and Distance’.

Note these two pictures above, the one on the left is probably what you would see with your eye.

The one on the right has atmospheric perspective added.

atmospheric perspective

Less texture and detail

With distance comes a decrease in texture and detail.

Scale - Aerial Perspective.

Scale is also a major player when trying to produce an illusion of depth. Objects decrease in size as they move further away.

scale painting