Watercolour Inspirations – When I am not painting I am thinking about painting,

when I am not thinking about painting I am learning about painting:

I love to read books by other watercolour artists, watch dvds and online  documentaries.

Below are some of my heroes, inspirations and recommendations.

john blockley

John Blockley

Watercolour Interpretations, the book and the artist that kick started it all.

art book

Betty Edwards

A book for those adults that don’t believe they can.

charles read watercolour

Charles Reid

Inspirational Watercolour Teacher – This man and this book, taught me how to draw and about lost edges. A real game changer.

DVDS & Books

nita engle artist

Nita Engle

Book: Jaw dropping work, fresh ideas!

joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic

The Master! DVDs and Books

Richard Robinson Teacher

Richard Robinson

Primarily oils and acrylics, but a fantastic teacher of painting and colour theory.

Online Tuition and DVDs

Noel Hodgson Art teacher

Noel Hodgson

My Dad

Art Teacher.
Seana Artist

Seana Mallen

Inspirational teacher, curer of wishiwashiness.


travel artist

Lionell Horsnell


The first plein air watercolour artist I met whilst cycling in the Ribble Valley, Wearing a huge sheepskin coat and huge beard, with exotic travel tales.

artist tutour

John Lovett


Awesome website with all kinds of tips/advice


watercolour pigments


Amazing website for anyone interested in pigment qualities. The world’s finest guide to watercolour



me painting

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Alvaro Castagnet

One of the worlds best and cerrtainly most entertaining watercolour tutors, on one of the best tv shows ‘Colour Your Life’

Big Mop Brush and lots of pigment.

Mr Z

The man himself.